Skull-Face Bookseller Honda-San Episode 2: Too Many Books In The Book Store

100 Word Anime

This week the focus is on introducing the rest of the cast and they do this by having endless deliveries of stock to be sold prior to a holiday period. For those who enjoy the idea of watching staff running around trying to stock book-shelves it works quite well however there isn’t a lot else going on. The over-reactions of the characters certainly help carry this sequence but as it lasts for the majority of the episode you have to wonder if they weren’t driving the only real ‘joke’ into the ground.


That said, this anime is also informative about the different genres and about the other materials that sometimes come out with books as well as release dates so there is a little bit of insight buried under the absurd masks each of the characters is wearing (and no, I refuse to ask why).


Despite that, this episode is…

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