Top 10 Worst Godzilla Enemies – Discussion

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This was bound to happen, after doing the Top 10 Best Godzilla Enemies, I had to follow it up a top 10 worst list. These are the kaiju I consider the worst from the franchise and that don’t quite work for me as villains or at the very least kaiju’s in general. Keep in mind this list is entirely subjective, if you disagree pleae let me know who your worst Godzilla enemies are in the comments. The rules are simple, if Godzilla has fought them, they make the list, with that said let’s get into the list.

10. Zilla

Ok this one might seem a little bit odd considering I had Zilla as my number 10 favourite Godzilla enemy last list, but this time he’s not going to be judged on his merits, he’s getting judged based on his screw ups. First off the stain that Zilla left on the…

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