Chain Thy To The Shrine……..


The ocean could not quench thy thirst,
a drop of holy water
Verses read aloud in her mind
Backward and forward
Doing this as a cause
For the betterment of mankind
People from all over
Of all kinds
Chained her lust
To the shrine
That’s the magic of religion
What was the point
When GOD was always in thy soul,
heart and mind,
As whenever the eye glared at the shrine
Bells ringing,
Incense burning
Drums beating
People praying
Never understood
That she had all of GOD
In thine
“Look at her”
The mob points
That’s what happens
When You have lust
You get chained to a shrine
As they move on
Giving her a scatter of dimes
She smiles,
And thinks,
You all come to the shrine,
To find God
I always had him
Have him
And will have him
All mine,
While you search for…

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