A Thank You

RDQ Photography

It’s been more than a week now since I published my first blog Today is the beginning of my journey……– I was skeptical so to speak at that time. There were apprehension and lots of things ramming to my mind. A mixed feeling such “Is blogging is my kind of stuff?” “Am I ready to do this?” Do I have the guts and skills?” so many questions popping out.


But I’m glad that I hit that button because of the response I received from you.

I know there’s still a lot MORE to learn, MORE to improve, and MORE to prove. And also there will be a time of exhaustion and discouragement, frustration and failures along the way. But let me quote the words, I said in my profile – “I’m willing to endure until I find my core”.

Now, with full sincerity, humility and gratefulness to you all…

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